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5 Ancient Greek Inventions

5 Ancient Greek Inventions

·         Hydraulic clock (clock): Invention of Alexandros Ktimacios, considered as one of the pioneers of automation. It was based on the beginning of the hourglass and could be used in the night or in cloudy weather (generally without the sun).

·         Odometer: It is believed to have been a creature of the Heron of Alexandria, and was a construction that could be transported to wheeled vehicles to record distances.

·         Lever: «Δως μοι πα στω και τα γαν κινήσω»(give me somewhere to stand and move the Earth). Archimedes' famous plot is about discovering the lever - something so simple, and at the same time so amazing.

·         Hydraulic wheel: A water pumping system attributed to Dimitrios Poliorketis (one of Alexander the Great's successors, best known for his besieging machines).The Archimedes steam cannon: It consisted of a metal cylindrical boiler that was attached to it by a tap with a closed container of water. The boiler at its open end had a wooden barrel embedded in the stone bullet to be ejected. The barrel was encased with a wooden beam secured with two trusses. When the boiler was boiling at the appropriate temperature, the tap was opened, the water dropped to the boiler, evaporated rapidly, the wooden beams broke and the bullet was jettisoned �[[.�V