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Let’s take a walk in Thessaloniki. Aristotle Square.

Let’s take a walk in Thessaloniki. Aristotle Square.

Aristotelous Square (or Platia Aristotelous in Greek) is the main square of Thessaloniki, one of the most famous places in Greece and almost synonymous with the city of Thessaloniki itself. It is used for many cultural events, such as the annual Christmas party and the Documentary Festival.

Being an important tourist attraction it features various cafes and bars that make it popular with the locals as well.

Aristotelous Square is a rare example of a preplanned architectural design. Its well-planned orientation is offering a totally outstanding view of Mount Olympus.

Before the Great Fire of 1917, the city had more oriental elements in its architectural outlook, rather than any other European city. In the times of the Ottoman Empire the city grew without squares or a general plan for expansion and had narrow streets. A French architect Ernest Hébrard proposed a number of large squares in Thessaloniki, including Alexander the Great Square, now Aristotelous Square.

Here you will find some attractions like the flower-made clock or the statute of Aristotle. It is believed among the students that if you hold the foot of the philosopher for a while you will pass any exam or test.

It is definitely a good idea to take a city tour in Thessaloniki. Make a break, drink a cup of coffee on the square and admire the amazing view of the emerald sea.