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Mastic is a gift of Greece

Mastic is a gift of Greece

Mastic is a shrub cultivated on the Greek island of Chios. Mastic is a resinous fine substance that is exclusively a Greek product. It has been classified as a product of Protected Origin since 1997. Natural mastic - a tear of mastic tree, is an agricultural product, featuring a unique place of origin and production method, as well as unique properties and a variety of applications.

It should be noted that the trees of the mastic family exist in other Mediterranean countries, but only Chios has mastic shrubs that release this unique resin, and they grow in the southern part of the island, where the climate is warm and dry.

The resin collected in summer is used for various pharmaceutical recipes. The crystals have a bitter taste, turning into a special charming aroma after.

There were many attempts to reproduce mastic in other countries of the world, but all of them were unsuccessful. Scientists have not found the answer to the question, why mastic does not bear fruit in any other part of the planet yet. However, the most probable cause is the special climate of Chios Island.

Mastic has been used for more than 2500 years in traditional Greek medicine for the treatment of such diseases as gastralgia and peptic ulcers.

Mastic was mentioned by Herodotus (5th century BC), who reported that the Greeks used to chew dried resin flowing from the mastic tree. Thus, mastic can be considered the first natural chewing gum in the ancient world.

Mastic is widely used for the production of liqueurs and ouzo. Mastic liqueur can be considered as an aperitif. Adding it to the drink, you limit the harmful effects of alcohol on the stomach.