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Wine routes in Halkidiki

Wine routes in Halkidiki

Perfect summer escape place, Halkidiki has been an enjoyable destination for wine lovers recent decades. Not to say more you are welcome to join “Open Cellar Doors” held each year last weekend of May throughout the country involving Halkidiki region. Admission is free.

It is a great chance to travel through picturesque landscapes of Halkidiki and get acquainted with Greek indigenous and international grape varieties in wine cellars with history and tradition. Wineries open their doors for all visitors, run excursions and wine tastings for free. Enjoy international blends or add Greek accent to your wine-experience and learn some great local varieties perfect for your summer in Greece like mineral Assyrtiko (ah-SEER-tiko) or fruity Malagouzia (ma-la-goo-SEEah) whites.

We suggest 3-wineries route to enjoy. Located in a seaside resort of Epanomi Ktima Gerovassiliou (PGI Epanomi producer) is certain must in the region. Native reds and whites as well as the French varieties are just jam here. Vast vineyards with smart art objects, small garden that supplies estate own restaurant and one-of-its-kind wine museum in the region. Don’t miss trying Malagouzia here.

Take a road to Aghios Pavlos and you will reach Tsantali Winery, another PGI producer and coryphae of winemaking in Greece. On a tour you will learn about the history and discover that Stagira in Halkdiki was home to the region’s first developed vineyard, planted by Aristotle, whowas born there and loved local red variety Limnio (LIM-nee-oh).

To crown the route take the road to Sithonia and visit Porto Carras winery on the sun-kissed foothills of Mountain Meliton. Beautiful road along the western coast of Sihonia, stunning views of rolling hills, lush with olive trees, pines, beaches and cypresses. Salvador Dali once created a wine label for his favourite Blanc de Blanc wine he enjoyed staying at Porto Carras luxurious complex in Villa Gallini.

Lucky to enjoy your summer here don’t miss the boat and try recognizable and internationally awarded Greek wines. Will it sound Greek to you anymore?