xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa

Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa 5* - Excellence in Sustainability

Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa 5* - Excellence in Sustainability

Having met all the criteria of Travelife, Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa 5* is very proud of being one of the 8 Hotels in Halkidiki and one of the 110 Hotels in Greece of joining the Travelife family.

Travelife International Organization acknowledges that Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa 5* : 1. Protects the Environment, 2. Respects its employees, 3. Respects the local community, 4. Protects the local culture and 5. Supports the local economy.

We have achieved something many others struggle but can’t, achieved the biggest award a Hotel can get – Gold Travelife Certification in tourism.

What is Travelife?

Travelife is an international sustainability certification scheme for hotels and accommodations. It helps the hotels to improve how they manage their environmental and social impacts. Also covers issues like human rights, child protection and employee welfare.

Accommodations that prove they meet the Travelife sustainability criteria become Travelife Gold or Silver certified.

Benefits for the Hotel?

Travelife having over 1300 hotel members on its portfolio is the biggest company of its kind internationally.

Hotel members get recognized in an international scale and their status as a regional hotel rises and they get promoted via Travelife to partners such as Expedia.